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Instrumentation Technology, Inc. is a quality-focused engineering firm founded in 1986 whose diversified industrial experience results in innovative and complete solutions of measurement and control problems. We have a proven team of experienced engineers dedicated to providing state-of-the-art solutions to today's demanding industrial control needs. An expert support staff of technicians exists with expertise in providing high quality CAD drawings, maintenance, calibration, installation of instrumentation and assembly of control panels. Have any questions or require additional information? Please call, write or drop us an E-Mail. Sincerely, David A. Decker, President.


Instrumentation Technology, Inc. offers a full line of services to meet your objectives and needs. Our services range from engineering consulting and design, CAD drafting, and many other services including panel assembly, calibration checkout, and start-up assistance. Working closely with your engineering staff, we call upon our vast and varied experience to provide in-depth solutions for achieving your objectives and meeting your needs. Our engineering approach has resulted in overall improved operations in many existing and new production facilities.

Engineering Consulting and Design

Developing Control Strategies: Our extensive knowledge of various control systems and instrumentation equipment allows us to design a customized control strategy uniquely suited to your application.

Instrumentation Specifications: Our experienced-based knowledge of current technologies is supported by an extensive, up-to-date catalog library, which allows us to develop precise and timely specifications. Our own specialized computer based instrument data sheets and instrument lists enhance clarity and improve efficiency in specifying instrumentation.
Evaluating Vendor Quotations: Quotations are reviewed for accuracy, functionality, acceptable cost and delivery to ensure your project is completed on time and within your budget.
Preparing Engineering Documents: Extensive field experience helps us appreciate and anticipate the needs of field construction personnel. We'll generate detailed documents to aid in instrumentation location, wiring, troubleshooting and maintenance, which contribute to trouble-free installation. We'll also provide manuals for operating and engineering personnel.
Control System Programming: Our staff has experience in programming a number of control systems, including Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based systems. We also have the capability to link control systems into general plant computers to promote management strategies. We will also perform detailed communication, I/O and loop simulations in our office to minimize start-up problems at your facility.
Providing Start-up Assistance: An on-time and trouble-free start up is achieved when our engineers and technicians work closely with your staff during system commissioning.

CAD Drafting

Providing High Quality Drawings: Our in-house Auto-CAD system is compatible with most other CAD software and can generate all sizes of drawings on paper or mylar in your standard format or ours. An extensive drawing library allows us to more efficiently and cost effectively generate documents.

Other Services

Building Control Panels: The assembly of control panels is an integral part of our service, providing a turn-key system of engineering, assembly, and testing of the control panel. Delivery time is shortened on panels we build since we can order parts before the electrical design is 100% complete.

Calibrating Process Instrumentation: Our calibration standards are traceable to NIST government standards. We'll also help you meet ISO 9000 certification requirements.
Providing Troubleshooting Help: Our vast experience with plant operations enables us to recommend instrumentation replacement and to recognize irregularities and process problems.

Contact Us

Depending on your needs, there are a number of ways to contact Instrumentation Technology, Inc.:

1. By mailing address: 2736 North Ridge Road, Suite 224- Painesville, OH 44077

2. By Telephone: 440-352-2009
3. By FAX: 440-352-1229
4. By E-mail: All contact E-mail. Please include YOUR E-mail address and a description of your requirements and YOUR contact information. Thanks.