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Hi. My name is William Brandes. I created this personal website offering insights into my interests along with links to information which expands the same. Of course, I have a website dedicated to my consulting business @ William Brandes Consulting which targets small business, organizations, faith institutions with website design and domain hosting. I manage all of this with a screen reader and keyboard although if you are in the sighted world you may be suprised on how easy it is to maintain a website yourself. If I can do this. You can too. Again. Welcome!
Photograph. Leading the Parade. Memorial Day, 2015.
Following the Colors. Guide to my left, Tom Nye, affectionally known as "Tom Nye - The Produce Guy" at Walmart. Thanks Tom! Photo by Diana Hoover. Thanks Di! Note: I served in U.S. Army 1970 - 1972 with a tour in Vietnam. Tom, I learned, Navy. If you would like to write an honor, tribute, memorial or prayer to a service-person, go to the Soldier Tribute Guestbook and contribute.

Here is a great keyboard weapon for the vision impaired: No Mouse? No keyboard Application Key? Or. What if you need to right-click in a Word document or right-click on a file to "see" it’s properties? The right-click keyboard shortcut is to hold down SHIFT and then press F10. That’s one of my favorite keyboard shortcuts because it comes in VERY handy and sometimes it’s actually easier to use the keyboard than the mouse.

Getting around Youtube with a screenreader can be a bit of labor. But, this page is a great help. For both creators and users. Using Youtube with a Screenreader.
The following are links to mobile versions of websites which are for the most part text only and much faster to load and easier to navigate with a screenreader: Quicklink to New York Times Mobile Version. Quicklink to CNN Mobile Version. Quicklink to Facebook Mobile Version. Quicklink to Amazon USA Screenreader Version.
Join the FreeLists Blind Golf Ohio mail-list/discussion. Maintained by the One Blind Guy. Also, check out American Blind Golf. Alot of information on tournaments plus entry forms.
What is a screenreader, you say: Or, wonder what a screenreader does? Sounds? Listen.
I dabble in guitar and recording. With my Fender Tele Squire; Peavy, Fender and Vox amps; Zoom G-2 pedal. Recording with my Soom H-2 and Sandisk recorders. Editing with Audacity. You will find my excursions into recording HERE.

The Tiffin CROP Hunger Walk

Written from the perspective of my wife, Pam. I have walked for over thirty years. A very worthy organization. Working to eliminate hunger worldwide!

What does hunger look like? by the Rev. Pam Easterday: We may think we know what hunger looks like, an emaciated child in Africa carried by her weary mother. And that is hunger, not enough resources for a healthy life. However, hunger not enough for life also exists beyond our television cameras. Families that live milesfrom a water source suffer each day. Women and children spend theirdays walking and carrying. Thus no school, no industry, no culture, barely life.

A South American family owns a small plot of land on a mountainside. They grow corn or beans, as their parents did. When a storm blows down the young plants, or the rain fails to come and fill out the pods, families go hungry; hungry children go quiet.

Hunger in the U.S.A. is hidden as well. The U.S.A. Department of Agriculture ranks Ohio third from the bottom in food security, better than only Arkansas and Missouri. Singles “couch-surf” or sleep in their cars because part-time jobs may pay enough for lunch meat but not shelter. Mothers and fathers decide which bill to pay, and what is the cheapest, most-filling food in the store.

The Tiffin CROP Hunger Walk is your opportunity to feed all the world. Watch the Youtube video: Women and Water in Rural Kenya to see the miracle of a sand dam, simple technology that saves lives. On land around the world, our CROP dollars provide the tools and training for varied, sustainable agriculture, “dream farms,” planned for secure, healthy diets. Where populations may have enough of just one food, such as rice, your CROP donations supplement the bowls for pregnant and nursing women, as well as toddlers, to protect crucial brain and body development. Finally, one fourth of our CROP dollars come home to the hungry in Tiffin, to make life possible among the cleaners and clerks who serve you each day.

Our Walk is a hour with kindhearted, new friends on a Sunday afternoon, the first Sunday in October, gathering at 1 PM at First Presbyterian Church. We touch both university campuses, and the scouts feed us cookies. If you can walk, please walk. Shake hands with Bill Brandes, who has walked for over thirty years. If you can give, please give. Register and donate by finding the Tiffin Walk at www.crophungerwalk.org. Or call me at 419-619-6356. We know what hunger looks like and we have it in our power to change the world. The Rev. Pam Easterday is one of the organizers of the Tiffin CROP Hunger Walk.

Need more reasons to CROP Walk? By participating in the Tiffin CROP Hunger Walk, we have the opportunity to provide food aid to those who need it in developing countries, meet others from the community, and get some exercise at the same time.

Raise funds online for your CROP Walk: If you have email, you've got a whole new way to raise funds for your CROP Hunger Walk by using online donation tools through Church World Service.

Every walker can:

1. Create a personalized web page to accept donations and invite friends to join your walk.
2. E-mail requests for donations to friends and family everywhere.
3. Receive credit card contributions for your CROP Hunger Walk at the Church World Service secure website.
4. Use the web to raise funds to combat hunger and poverty at home and around the world.

How can you be an E-Walker? Go to www.crophungerwalk.org and follow the simple step-by-step instructions to register. Then tailor your personal web page with photos, quotes, and your fundraising goal and email family and friends to contribute.

What are CROP Hunger Walks? Neighbors from different faiths, cultures, and ages, walking together to take a stand against hunger in our world. Together we raise awareness and funds for international relief and devleopment, as well as local hunger-fighting agencies. Some 2,000 communities across the country take part each year.

What does CROP mean? Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty

Where does the money go? CROP Hunger Walks help fight hunger and poverty around the world, including the United States. 25% of what the Tiffin CROP Hunger Walk raises assists local food banks and pantries. In the last 20 years, thousands of CROP walks in the United States and Canada have raised over $264 million to assist those struggling to feed their families.

What difference does it make? Funds raised in a CROP Hunger Walk assist people in need around the world. For example:
$72 can provide emergency food supplies for a family of five's needs for a month.
$120 can enable three women to attend a literacy class for a year and change their lives forever.
$200 can provide a struggling farm family with a draft animal to significantly increase their food production, as well as a strong back to carry produce to market.
$350 can enable the eldest in a child-headed household of AIDS orphans to receive vocational training so they can support their siblings and themselves.
$1,050 can support community-based health, hygiene, and sanitation training for an entire community.

Hungry people in developing countries typically walk as much as six miles a day to get food, water, and fuel, and to take their goods to market. We walk to be in solidarity with their struggle for existence. We walk because they walk!

A Tiffin CROP Hunger Walk exclusive: Pam hand-knits hats. No two alike. Baby, Toddler, Child, Adult and extra-large sizes. For a $20 donation to the Tiffin CROP Hunger Walk. Have your choice. All labor and supplies donated. 100% of YOUR $20 donation goes to CROP! Call Pam for details. Photos? See www.pameasterday.com/hats. of

Favorite Links

Are you a cord cutter but still want breaking news? Or are you just not close to a TV and want to watch it on your desktop, laptop or tablet? This list should help you find live video and audio coverage of breaking news. Note: many of these options only offer live coverage for major events. Some do offer 24/7 live news.

ABC News: www.abcnews.go.com/Live.
CBS news 27/4 live news: www.cbsn.cbsnews.com.
CNN: www.live.cnn.com.
Bloomberg Business: www.bloomberg.com/live.
Fox News doesn't post live video coverage of breaking news but the link always changes. Their main site will post a breaking news alert at the top of the site with a link to the video: www.foxnews.com.
MSNBC also always changes the link for breaking news but puts a notice with a link on their home page: www.nbcnews.com.
Looking for local news? www.livestream.com has hundreds of local news broadcasts live. Use the following link to find a station close to you: www.new.livestream.com/news.
Weather. The 24/7 Weather Nation: www.weathernationtv.com/on_tv.
FOX8. Cleveland, Ohio Livestream News.
NBC4. Columbus, Ohio Livestream News.
Links to stuff making access for the blind a bit easier: The following are resources that may be useful for the blind community, although others may find the resources an instructional alternative.
NPR Text-Only Home Page. This is the perfect start page for all the links to NPR programs. And, these following pages are also text-only. No junk. Just the news and more!
Microsost Accessibility. If you run a Windows operating system, this page is super helpful. Especially for Windows 8 plus users. I learned a ton.
News Line. Blind resource. Over 400 magazines and newspapers plus much more. All accessible by phone or computer/mobile. Super service.
National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. And, National Library for the Blind BARD (Talking Books) login page.
Hines VA Blind Center. As a veteran, I spent two 8-week sessions at the Hines Blind Center in Chicago, although, there are other centers around the country. These were invaluable resource-rich programs. The program is totaly free to the certified veteran with vision loss. Nor, is it required that their was a service connection to the vision loss. All travel, lodging and meals at the center is covered. It is a state-of-the-art facility. If you qualify (and, you probably won't know unless you look into it) this is a program you don't want to miss. You need to talk to your vision intake representative at the closest VA center. In my first visit, I majored in orientation. In the second, received computer access training. I knew alot about computers. But less than nothings about computer accessibility. That changed. And, for the better. Check it out! Do it. You won't regret!
Accessibility Central - NZ. Website offers tutorials, hints and other information including more about how to use the NVDA screenreader. Great resource.
Download links to NVDA screenreader add-on's. This is a very extensive listing. Very good.
How about text-based browsers? you will find them on smartphones to lower data usage, butt, a good recourse for the visual impaired community. We can't see those images anyway. Check out Textt-Based Browsers on Wikipedia.
More. An extensive list of text to speech screenreaders.
Accessibility on About.Com. Good stuff. Subscribe to newsletter.