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Treebeard's Magic is Calling You!

ABOUT: 80 acres of mature woodlands with a frog pond and a 5-acre lake ... come and enjoy, share with your kids or someone else's, remember the magic of nature ... Campsites and indoor accommodations available, outdoor kitchen. Events, camping, workshops, guided tours/nature info.

MISSION: To provide a natural setting for families and others to enjoy being in the wild. Founded 1984. Visit Treebeard's on Facebook.

Treebeard's Siphon Project

Photo 1: Siphon Project. Photo 2: The Siphon Project. Photo 3: The Siphon Project. Photo 4: The Siphon Project. Photo 5: The Siphon Project. Photo 6: The Siphon Project.

The Treebeard's Summer Gathering

35037 Lake Road, Hamden, OH 45634. "Take me. To your cabin. To the place I'm dreaming of. Camping, picnicking, swimming, vegetarian fare, catch and release fishing, corn and beer provided. Bring your musical instruments, memories andfood to share.

In the pastwe've had a calendar such as the following! Friday: Early birds settle in and pitch a tent. Renew acquaintances and meet new friends. Saturday: Noon - Inner tube rolling contest. Afternoon-swimming, live music, memories and vegetarian potluck. After dark - bonfire and sky lantern ceremony in memory of friends no longer with us. Midnight swim (at 11 PM!) Sunday: Blueberry pancake breakfast. Afternoon and early evening - break camp and fond farewells.

Dogs by invitation only. For more information please Send us a Mail.

The Changing of Seasons

Photo 1: Summer at Treebeard's. Photo 2: Spring at Treebeard's. Photo 3: Spring at Treebeard's. Photo 4: Winter at Treebeard's.

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