January 22, 2017. A Little Bio: Hi. And, WELCOME! I am a power user of adaptive technology. This is especially important in the digital world where i read books with a Kindle E-reader, perform all kinds of operations with Amazon Fire tablets, Windows tablets, and, even a twelve year old laptop running Windows XP. Yep. Heard that right. Still works great, even though not supported by Microsoft.

Blind is not a barrier unless you do not know proper digital and website design! In this blog, I talk about these devices and the way I use adaptive technology to communicate. It's a great story offering the blind computer user a place at the table with the world at large.

Where there are poor design standards, I take a look and give sensible hints on how to make these poor outcomes accessible to the blind user.

There is also links to my consulting business for which I provide marketing, website design and hosting, all within my mission of making adaptive technology a designed offering not an option! A plus, is that this website is running the CMS program CMsimple. This program which allows for online editing, is not only fully accessible to the website reader, but, also completely accessible to the blind administrator adding and editing content. That is huge!

And, some other stuff of a more personal nature including what I think of what is going around in Tiffin-Town. See "Just My Opinion! So, sit back and enjoy the ride! Of course, you can Friend me on Facebook.

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