CREATOR. How It Works

William Brandes Consulting

I can help you with alot of questions you may have about this online thing. Are you interested in your own server to handle your domain? I can suggest. Are you considering on securing a domain yourself? I can suggest; since I have used more than one registrar. Are you interested in other options for handling your website needs? I can suggest; I have used Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Geeklog, PMWiki, MediaWiki, PumBB, PhpBB, PhpList and others, including, of course, CREATOR (CMSimple) which is my flagship/turn-key solution. It's simple, easy to use. And, does all the important things correctly!. I also put accessibility to the forfront, because, well, I require it. You should too! Just call (419-619-6013) or send E-mail.

If you are looking for a website online editing program that is easy to use, you need to look no further. You have arrived. Welcome to CREATOR.
There is no other provider that offers these offerings in a website package:

1 - A full range of website visitor choices; Standard, Legacy, Tablet and Mobile.
2 - PlusKindle/Ebook, allowing your user a copy of your webpage as a SUPER EBOOK! Learn more about Kindle/Ebook.
3 - And. I doubt you have ever heard this from any other provider of website design and hosting. I guarantee your website is fully accessible to a website visitor using a screenreader. I demand it and you should too! Why? Because I am one of those visitors that need accessibility by screenreader. I use one. I am blind. But, that doesn't prevent me from designing and offering all of this gold in one package! Ask around. No one else can match. It's all included in one package. CREATOR is simply the best value!
The following information/instruction plus screen-shot images of the editor, is what you would see on this page as seen on the website: This is the main editing block. You can write text. You can BOLD text. You can ITALICIZE text. You can UNDERLINE text. And, CREATE links with to text such as William Brandes Consulting or simply write out the URL as

Of course, you can insert images. And, remember, this is all (uploading and inserting) done online through the editor panel. No other software to buy or worry about. Which means, this program does the basics with a REALLY EASY learning curve. You are special and treated accordingly. I provide strategy, hints and more tools. And, of course, you can ask questions as you see fit. Cool eh?

Editing your website: All done through the editor interface. There are other tools such as indent and bullet and numerical listing functions along with justifying text left, right and center. Besides uploading images and inserting within website pages, one can also upload other file types including Adobe PDF and MP3 audio into a downloads folder. It is then very easy to link those files into pages on your website.

Plus, if you are familiar with HTML coding, by working with the source code you can create tables and much more.

It is easy enough to copy and paste You Tube coding into the source. In fact, the You Tube within the left sidebar (NO LEFT SIDEBAR IN MOBILE although one can insert within ANY EDIT AREA) is also inserted through the editor using additional News Blocks.

The United Church of Christ RSS News Feed has been inserted within a News Block in the left sidebar and also on a RSS feed page linked in the site directory.

You will find News Blocks in the left sidebar and at the top of the page. In fact, all content including the top News Block info can be inserted and written and adjusted with the editor. As a bonus, a simple one line hide code, keeps those News Blocks hidden from the site directory. The links only show up when in page edit mode. Plus, the Template file itself can be edited although, I have created a robust Template just for you. Cool eh. That's CREATOR.