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The best way to predict the future is to create it: Peter Drucker

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William Brandes Consulting

There are many online venues that offer website construction tips. However, it is probably more helpful to the website manager for more instruction in creating stellar content. In my estimation, too much time is spent on the hardware and too little time spent on the direction of the website. What and whom is your content directed. In other words, time has too be spent on mission and vision. And, what your audience needs and requires. Time worth spent.

However, that said, I offer a forum in order to learn more about the content management system. Sign up at CMSimple-CMS on FreeLists. Or. Subscribers can join the list by sending E-mail to cmsimple-cms-request@freelists.org And. Include 'subscribe' in the Subject field of your E-mail. Also, I offer a homegrown broadcast only E-mail list to anyone who wishes to join. Your intention? Sign up here. Don't forget to include your E-mail address!