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The best way to predict the future is to create it: Peter Drucker

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CREATOR. What It Costs

William Brandes Consulting

$129.00/year. Subscription: Full online edit website. INCLUDES Domain - and, you are not limited to a .com domain. if choice is available, you can secure a .net or .org. don't be fooled by other offers. read the fine print.

$349.00. Website setup: This is a one-time fee. Payable only when you are completely satisfied. Includes, but, not limited to, Ten hours: website design, initial content insertion (unlimited per the user admin) and website consultation which includes instruction on using the online editor. You are NEVER left alone. Questions? I expect them. William Brandes Consulting, Tiffin, Ohio. call 24/7 - 4196196013 - Leave a voice mail and I will return your call ASAP.